Iowa ASCD Curriculum Leadership Academy 2017 - Day 2

Iowa ASCD Curriculum Leadership Academy

Students at the Center

Agenda for Friday, April 21

8:00 – 8:30 a.m.

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8:30 – 9:30 a.m.


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Engaging Students through Personalized Learning

Ashley Flatebo, Instructional Coach at Jefferson Elementary; Tom Kirby, 7th Grade Math Teacher at John Adams Middle School; Ashley Stout, 7th Grade Science Teacher at John Adams Middle School: Mason City CSD

This presentation will offer strategies and ideas to personalize learning for the many needs of your students within your classroom.  The strategies shared in this presentation are designed to engage the students within your class and develop a sense of ownership for their learning.  

Presiding: Susan Pecinovsky, Iowa ASCD Board Member, President-Elect

Ballroom W    

Resources:  PowerPoint Presentation                                                                               

Making Sense of the Maker Movement

Anna Upah, Instructional Coach; Andrea Townsley, Curriculum/PD Leader & Instructional Coach; Sherrie Collins, Instructional Coach; Kim Fisher, Kindergarten Teacher; Bridget Speer, Media Specialist; Jason West, Principal: Benton CSD

We will share our learning journey through the maker movement.   We’ll set the stage with what is in our spaces, how our spaces are used, and how what we’re doing is connected to standards being taught throughout Benton CSD.  Most of this session will be set up as a panel discussion ready to take your questions.  Be sure to add any specific questions or topics you’d like us to discuss on this Padlet.  We will also bring some of our favorite maker tools for you to try.   If there is a specific tool you’d like to see, be sure to put that on the Padlet as well and we will do our best to accommodate.  

Presiding:  Jo Prusha, Iowa ASCD Board Member 

Ballroom NE  

Resources:  Making Sense of the Maker Movement                                                         

MTSS – Creating a System of Supports for ALL Students

Tricia Kurtt, Instructional Coach: Norwalk CSD

As educators we strive to meet the needs of every learner, and MTSS is a framework that can guide a systemic approach to do just that.  What does tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 instruction look like for students who are not meeting the standards?  What does it look like for students who are meeting and exceeding the standards?   Come learn more about curriculum, instruction, and assessment for ALL learners utilizing the components of a Multi-Tiered System of Supports.

Presiding: Erik Smith, Iowa ASCD Board Member                             

Ballroom SE

Resources:  Presentation/Resources

Iowa Intermediary Network: Making Connections for Work-Based Learning

Amy Steenhoek, DMACC’s Career Discovery Network ; Laurie Worden, Kirkwood Community College’s Workplace Learning Connection: Iowa Intermediary Network

Workplace Learning Connection Director, Laurie Worden, and Work-Based Learning Coordinator at DMACC, Amy Steenhoek, will offer an overview of work-based learning programs, services and the positive outcomes provided by intermediaries serving the Grant Wood AEA 10 and Heartland AEA 11 region schools and businesses.

Presiding: Becky Martin, Iowa ASCD Board Member, Past President

Salons A & B

Resources:  PowerPoint Presentation

Authentic Tech Integration: D3+R3 = Formula That Works!

Amy Wichman, Regional Director: Heartland AEA 11, and Iowa ASCD Board Member

With the 1:1 experience well embedded in schools now, the challenge becomes on-going, authentic technology integration for student learning.  This session will provide a “formula” created specifically for ease of integration, including a simple checklist that will assist any instructor with this task.  Learn to discern whether the technology task is dessert or part of the main course as we unravel more about technology integration.

Presiding: Kym Stein, Iowa ASCD Board Member

Salon D

Resources:   Presentation & Resources                                                                                         

9:30 – 9:45 a.m.


Break-out sessions

9:45 – 10:45 a.m.


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Break-out sessions


9:45 – 10:45 a.m.


Vinton Popcorn Company:  Creating Leaders by Implementing Entrepreneurship into the Classroom

Aric Chvala, Business Education Teacher; Matt Kingsbury, High School Principal; Hannah Haisman, Jace Kelchen, and Alex Maynard – Students; Vinton Shellsburg CSD

Vinton-Shellsburg High School entrepreneurial class gives students the opportunity to work in the Vinton Popcorn Company during their normal school day. This class teaches great business lessons for the future, such as marketing, money management, communication skills, and many more real-world business skills. Vinton Popcorn brings 21st century skills to life in the classroom.

Presiding: Veta Thode, Iowa ASCD Board Member

Ballroom W

Resources:   PowerPoint                                                                            

A View from the Room:  How Students Use Seesaw to Connect

Anna Upah, Instructional Coach; Andrea Townsley, Curriculum/PD Leader & Instructional Coach; Dena Bridgewater, 1st Grade Teacher; Jodie Kimm, Kindergarten Teacher & Seesaw Ambassador; Miranda Sonka, 2nd Grade Teacher; Benton CSD

Are you looking for another way for students to take ownership of their learning?  Try Seesaw!  In this session, we’ll share what Seesaw is, how it is being used in our elementary classrooms, and the impact it’s made on our students, families, and teachers.  

Presiding: Jo Prusha, Iowa ASCD Board Director, Co-Chair of Iowa ASCD Curriculum Leadership Academy                                                   

Ballroom NE

Resources:  A View from the Room:  How Students Use SeeSaw to Connect

Proficiency Scales and SRG:  A Tale of Two Districts

Amy Gage, Secondary Director of Teaching and Learning, Norwalk CSD; Christi Donald, Secondary Mathematics Curriculum Coordinator, Des Moines Public Schools

Des Moines and Norwalk Schools have each been on a multi-year journey to implement standards-referenced teaching, learning and reporting practices.  Come to learn about how two districts of different sizes and resources have collaborated to implement these powerful practices to support improved student learning.  We will share the specific curriculum resources and instructional practices that have supported our SRG journeys, including proficiency scales, timelines, professional development and gradebook updates to Infinite Campus.

Presiding: Sara Oswald, Iowa ASCD Board Member

Ballroom SE

Resources:  Proficiency Scales and SRG:  A Tale of Two Districts

Standards-Based Practices Can Be the Beginning

Jen Sigrist, Director of Personalized Learning and Innovation; Renee Martin, Instructional Strategist/Secondary English Teacher; Van Meter CSD

Having standards-based grading in the district since 2012, a committee of teachers and administrators set out to review a few guidelines and documents to help new staff joining the team. The conversation ended up causing an exciting reboot of the system. Van Meter will share their current journey of how staff are helping push the envelope to take standards-based practices to a deeper level connecting to personalized learning and competency-based pathways for our students.

Presiding: Becky Martin, Iowa ASCD Board Member, Past-President

Salons A & B

Resources:  Presentation                                                                                          

Making Learning Personal in Primary Classrooms

Leka DeGroot, Elementary Teacher; Heather Vugteveen, Instructional Coach; Spirit Lake CSD

Tap into young students’ interests and learning styles to make learning more authentic and fun. This session will showcase engaging strategies and ideas that provide students with opportunities to personalize their learning.

Presiding: Kym Stein, Iowa ASCD Board Member/Curriculum Academy Planning Committee

Salon D


10:45 – 11:00 a.m.


11:00 a.m. –

12:00 p.m.

Break-out sessions


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Playing Around with Personalized Learning

Amanda Winegard, 1st Grade Teacher; Samantha Wilaby, 1st Grade Teacher; Prairie Crest Elementary, College CSD

Come join us and engage in collaborative conversations around planning for meaningful learning opportunities for all students. Teachers at Prairie Crest Elementary have integrated personalized learning experiences for students in the primary grades. This session will explore what personalized learning can look like through multiple instructional lenses. Teachers will share resources they have found to be successful while balancing foundational skills with personalized learning.  In order to engage in activities throughout the session, please bring along headphones and a device with a QR Code app!

Presiding:  Diane Campbell, Iowa ASCD Board Member  

Ballroom W

Resources:   Presentation  and Website with resources

Making Learning Couture: Personalizing Learning with Technology

Gina Rogers, Digital Learning Consultant; Beth Swantz, Digital Learning Consultant: Grant Wood AEA

Take student learning from off the rack to couture. We all start with the same “fabric” (standards), but how do we make the fabric fit each learner for a customized, couture look? Learn about strategies and tech tools to help you become a world-renowned learning designer and get your students ready to rock the knowledge red carpet.

Presiding: Erik Smith, Iowa ASCD Board Member 

Ballroom NE

Resources:  Presentation                                                                                            

Creating a Blended System of Learning in a K-5 Learning Environment Using ST Math

Jason Wester, Elementary Principal; John Vonderhaar, 4th Grade Teacher; Ashley Gacke, 5th Grade Teacher; Catie Clemens, Early Childhood Teacher; Franklin Elementary, Muscatine CSD

This presentation will give an overview from a teacher and administrative perspective on how ST Math can be utilized in a K-5 setting to increase student learning opportunities. Creating an environment in which student’s advance on content mastery as opposed to the traditional grade- level scope and sequence.

Presiding:  Leslie Moore, Iowa ASCD Director

Ballroom SE

Resources:  Presentation                                                                                        

Break-out sessions

11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (continued)









Using iPad Tech to Help Enhance Student Learning/Ownership

Jeff Zittergruen:  Benton CSD

Demonstration of a few mini-lessons where technology is used to help enhance the level of understanding for students in helping them make connections to the material and learning in a high school math classroom. 

Presiding: Tricia Kurtt, Curriculum Leadership Academy Advisory Committee Member; 2015  ASCD Emerging Leader

Salons A & B

Resources: Presentation                                                                                          

¡Estaciones! Personalized Learning in the Foreign Language Classroom

Abby Noelck,  Spanish Teacher; West Branch High School

Experience blended learning firsthand! Noelck will discuss her journey in blended learning from a station-rotation model to a student-led/checklist model. Topics will include transitioning from a traditional to blended style, utilizing formative assessment and data, management techniques, and standards-based grading. *Note: Please bring an internet-equipped device to participate!

Presiding: Sara Oswald, Iowa ASCD Board Member 

Salon D   

Resources:  Presentation                                                                                           

12:00 – 1:00 p.m.

Buffet Lunch


1:00 – 2:30 p.m.


Personalizing Standards-Based Grading in a Competency-Based WorldP

Matt Townsley, Director of Instruction and Technology; Solon Community School District

Standards-Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 3.02.53 PM.pngbased grading is spreading across Iowa!  The Department of Education has been facilitating a Competency-Based Education collaborative!  Where does personalized learning fit in?  Examples and vignettes will frame an interactive keynote presentation clarifying these three big ideas.



Presiding: Pam Zeigler, Iowa ASCD Board Member, President                                                     


Resources:  Presentation and Resources