Diane Ravitch defines differentiating instruction as a form of instruction that seeks to "maximize each student's growth by recognizing that students have different ways of learning, different interests, and different ways of responding to instruction.    "In practice, it involves offering several different learning experiences in response to students' varied needs.   Educators may vary learning activities and materials by difficulty, so as to challenge students at different readiness levels; by topic, in response to students' interests; and by students' preferred ways of learning or expressing themselves" (p. 75).

  • On Target:  Strategies that Differentiate Learning - Grades 4-12:  This booklet provides provide teachers with ideas and strategies to incorporate into their subject areas.  The suggestions are not intended to add additional steps to their content; rather these suggestions are simply ways for content teachers to meet the diverse needs of the students they connect with each and every day in their classrooms. 

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