Iowa Core

  • About Iowa Core: The Iowa Department of Education shares the history of the Iowa Core.
  • EduCore provides tools and resources for teaching the Common Core and includes supports in literacy, math, assessment, and STEM.
  • International Reading Association - Guidance for Common Core  The International Reading Association offers detailed guidance on seven issues that have proven enormously challenging to teachers, principals, administrators, and others who are charged with implementing the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for English Language Arts.
  • Iowa Core Essential Elements:  Iowa Core Essential Elements are for students with significant cognitive disabilities participating in alternate assessments.
  • Iowa Core Facts:  The Iowa Department of Education shares "just the facts" about the Iowa Core.
  • Iowa Core Fact Sheet:  The Iowa Department of Education provides this fact sheet for your use in learning about and explaining the Iowa Core to staff, parents, and community.
  • Iowa Core Talking Points:  This is a great resource provided by the Iowa Department of Education to help share information about the Iowa Core with students, staff, parents, and the community.

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