Agenda for December 9, 2011, Board Meeting

Iowa ASCD Executive Board of Directors Meeting

Friday, December 9, 2011  (1:00 P.M. – 4:00 P.M.)  

Location:  Virtual Meeting

Directions to Access Virtual Meeting:   

Norms for Virtual Meeting:  For this meeting, please seek recognition by accessing the President; for instance, you might say, "Madame President."  Once she recognizes you, please proceed, remembering to . . . 

  • Listen for Understanding
  • Speak to Be Truthfully Understood
  • Confront the Tough Challenges
  • Come Prepared
  • Start on Time and End on Time
  • Value Diversity
  • Honor Confidentiality
  • Have Fun

Preparation for Meeting: 

  • Share updates for directors no later than December 7, 2011
  • Review documents prior to meeting; be prepared to discuss and/or take action when appropriate. 

Directors:  Kelly Adams, Tom Ahart, Pam Armstrong-Vogel, Julie Davies, Jason Ellingson, Juli Grotewold, Lou Howell, Bart Mason, Leslie Moore, Eric Neessen, Susan Pecinovsky, Elaine Smith-Bright, Cindy Swanson, Marcia Tweeten, Kevin Vidergar, Chris Welch, Jan Westerman-Beatty,  Amy Wichman, Sue Wood, Stephanie Rosenburg-Wager (ad hoc) 

Focus on Our Group Norms:

  • Listen for Understanding, Speak to Be Truthfully Understood, Confront the Tough Challenges, Come Prepared, Have Fun, Start on Time and End on Time, Value Diversity, Honor Confidentiality

I.   Welcome (1:00) (Leslie Moore, President)

  • Review of Agenda and Group Norms

II .   Action Items: (1:05) (President, Leslie Moore)

III.   Strategic Plan  (1:30) (President, Leslie Moore):  By 2014, Iowa ASCD will have a systems-wide approach to all structures in the organization as evidenced by the expected outcomes of the following four actions with updates in progress annually at the summer retreat and as requested for specific actions and activities

  • Action 1 - Innovation and Leadership in Teaching and Learning   (Past President, Julie Davies)
    • Information:  Please read the following updates; no discussion will take place
    • Action 2   Membership (Director of Member Relations and E-Learning, Amy Wichman)
    • Information:  Please read the following updates; no discussion will take place.
  • Action 3   Technology (Director of Technology, Chris Welch)

IV.   Policy and Procedures  (2:15) (President, Leslie Moore)

V.  Recognition (3:30) (President-Elect, Jason Ellingson) 

  • Awards Discussion:   Please read in advance and be prepared to participate in a discussion to provoke learning and take action

VI.  Executive Director Compensation (3:45) (President's Council:  Julie Davies, Leslie Moore, Jason Ellingson)

VII.  Next Agenda – February, 2011 (1:00 P.M  to 4:00 P.M.; Virtual Meeting) (President, Leslie Moore)

  • Action on the following:
    • Minutes
    • Finances
    • Nominations Ballot
    • Constitution and Supporting Documents
  • Other
    • Committee to Work on Affiliate Recognition Application for 2013
    • Membership Fees 

VIII.  Adjournment (4:00 P.M.) (President, Leslie Moore)