Agenda for the Iowa ASCD Board Meeting on April 9, 2013


Iowa ASCD Executive Board of Directors Meeting

Hilton Garden Inn, 8600 Northpark Drive, Johnston, IA  50131

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

4:30 – 8:30 P.M.

A light supper will be served.


We have gone green - bring your computer or paper copies!

Please review agenda and all accompanying materials that are posted on Iowa ASCD website:


Location:  Hilton Garden Inn, 8600 Northpark Drive, Johnston, Iowa, 50131 -  Take Exit I-80 #129 at 86th Street toward Camp Dodge.  Turn left onto 86th Street.  The hotel is just north of I-80 on the west side of 86th Street.


Preparation for Meeting:

  • Share updates for which you are responsible to Lou Howell by April 8. 
  • Review/download materials on Iowa ASCD’s website for the board of directors:
  • If needed, make reservation for overnight stay in preparation for the Iowa ASCD Curriculum Leadership Academy.
  • RSVP Regrets Only to Lou Howell at 515.229.4781 or


Directors:  Pam Armstrong-Vogel, Allan Eckelman, Jason Ellingson, Julie Grotewold, Lou Howell, Rita Martens, Becky Martin, Ottie Maxey, Leslie Moore, Susan Pecinovsky, Elaine Smith-Bright, Kym Stein, Cindy Swanson, Marcia Tweeten, Kevin Vidergar, Chris Welch, Jan Westerman-Beatty, Amy Wichman, Sue Wood, Stephanie Rosenburg-Wager (ad hoc

Focus on Our Group Norms:

  • Listen for Understanding, Speak to Be Truthfully Understood, Confront the Tough Challenges, Come Prepared, Have Fun, Start on Time and End on Time, Value Diversity, Honor Confidentiality


I.    Welcome (4:30 P.M. Sharp!)  (Jason Ellingson, President)

?    Welcome and Call to Order

?    Welcome Activity

  • Share name, role, and a question/answer/concern/need you have about advocacy and its role in your district.
  • Be prepared to order dinner from menu provided at the meeting


II .   Advocacy (Action 3) – Continuing the Journey  (Susan Pecinovsky, Pam Armstrong, Cindy Winkler)    Tentative (4:45 – 6:00 P.M.)

  • Pam and Susan will lead conversation with Representative and Iowa ASCD member Cindy Winkler in ways/opportunities to advance the educational conversation at the legislative level.

Intended Outcome:  Board of Directors will have increased skills, knowledge, and aspiration to advocate for success of students and their educators with legislators as well as others influencing education.

III .   Business Meeting with Working Supper  (6:00 – 8:15 P.M.) (President, Jason Ellingson)

                Several of these items will be written reports with very brief highlights by the director in charge.  Others will require discussion.  Please read in advance all reports.

  • Approval of Minutes (Lou Howell for Marcia Tweeten)
  • Approval of Finances (Lou Howell for Julie Davies)
  • Official Approval and Welcome of Rita Martens as Board Member, serving as DE Liaison (Lou Howell)
  • Planning for Audit – Governance  (Leslie Moore and Lou Howell)
  • Election Results (Allan Eckelman)
  • Dates for Meetings in 2013-2014 (Allan Eckelman)
  • Action 1  - Innovation and Leadership in Teaching and Learning (Leslie Moore and Cindy Swanson)
    • Iowa ASCD Curriculum Leadership Academy Update (Sue Wood)
    • Grade-Level Conferences Update (Kym Stein)
    • Competency-Based Education Conference Update (Jason Ellingson)
    • Fall Institute Update (Leslie Moore)
    • Partnership Update  - (Jason Ellingson)
    • Partnership Update – Iowa Future (Lou Howell)
    • Partnership Update – Opportunities with Content Organizations (Lou Howell)
    • Biennial Plan Update (Lou Howell)
    • Iowa ASCD Awards – Whole Child (Lou Howell)
    • Gates Grant Proposal (Lou Howell)  (Tentative)


  • Action 2 – Membership, including Communication
    • Membership Update (Amy Wichman)
    • Technology Update (Chris Welch)
    • SAI  (Lou Howell)


  • Action 3 – Advocacy and Influence
    • Advocacy/Influence Update  (Pam Vogel and Susan Pecinovsky)


IV.     Social Media  - HootSuite (Jason Ellingson)  If time allows for this. 

Intended Outcome:  Board of Directors will have increased skills, knowledge, and aspiration to use social media, including Twitter, to advance the mission of Iowa ASCD.      


V.                  Next Steps (8:15 P.M.) (Executive Director, Lou Howell)

  • Expense Forms
  • The Source – Need for Articles


VI.  Reflection on Meeting (8:20 P.M.) (President, Jason Ellingson)

  • How did this evening’s board meeting help us move forward and/or solidify where we stand?

IX.  Closing and Adjournment (8:30 P.M.) (President, Jason Ellingson)

                We would appreciate any board members staying after the meeting to help us finalize preparations for the Iowa ASCD Curriculum Academy.