Iowa ASCD July 25, 2013, Board Retreat


Iowa ASCD Executive Board of Directors Meeting 

Thursday, July 25, 2013 (9:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.)  

Networking and Coffee/Goodies Available at 8:30 A.M.

Location:  Viterbo University -  4949 Westown Parkway, West Des Moines, IA  50266 

Take Exit I-80 #125/University Avenue; go east about one block to the corner of Westown Parkway and University (McDonalds on the left and Sheraton Hotel on the right); turn right (south) onto Westown Parkway and go approximately two blocks where you will see Viterbo University on the left.  PLEASE PARK IN THE BACK OF THE UNIVERSITY.

Dress: Summer!  Comfortable!

RSVP:  Regrets only to Lou Howell

Preparation for Meeting: 

  • Complete, if needed, any goal/event committee/team meetings no later than July 16, 2013
  • Share with Lou Howell ( updates no later than July 19, 2013
  • Review documents, including the strategic plan, prior to the meeting; be prepared to discuss and/or take action when appropriate.   You can access the digital versions at 

Directors:  Pam Armstrong-Vogel, Allan Eckelman, Jason Ellingson, Lou Howell, Rita Martens, Becky Martin, Ottie Maxey, Leslie Moore, Sara Oswald, Susan Pecinovsky, Elaine Smith-Bright, Kym Stein, Cindy Swanson, Veta Thode, Kevin Vidergar, Chris Welch, Jan Westerman-Beatty,  Amy Wichman, Amy Whittington, Sue Wood, Stephanie Rosenburg-Wager (ad hoc

Supporting Documents: 

Focus on Our Group Norms:

Listen for Understanding, Speak to Be Truthfully Understood, Confront the Tough Challenges, Come Prepared, Have Fun, Start on Time and End on Time, Value Diversity, Honor Confidentiality

Networking:  8:30 – 9:00 A.M. Coffee and “goodies” available

I.   Welcome (9:00 A.M.)  (President, Allan Eckelman)

  • Welcome by Past President Jason Ellingson and “Passing of the Gavel” to President Allan Eckelman (Jason Ellingson, Allan Eckelman)
  •  Review of Agenda and Group Norms (Allan Eckelman, President)
  • Welcome Activity  (Allan Eckelman, President)

II .   Current Reality (9:30 A.M. with break within the morning) (President Allan Eckelman with Charting by Executive Director Lou Howell) 

  • Intended Outcomes:
    • Recognize Where We Are – A Multi-Faceted View of Iowa ASCD
    • Push Our Thinking to Increase Our Value
  • Updates by Chairs – Please use strategic plan in addressing the summaries and seek to answer these questions in your summary, which will help all directors understand the current reality:
    • What’s going well?  What are we doing that is working?
    • What are we doing to make it go well?  What did we do to make it work?
    • What is going less well than we like?  What part of our mission/vision or strategic plan are we not addressing/achieving?
    • What should we be doing?

III .   Lunch and Networking -  Reflect on “What Should We Be Doing” (11:15ish)

The next three agenda items should be based on the morning’s identification of our current reality and flow from one area to the next.

IV .   Desired State – Discussion around “What Should We Be Doing?  What Do We Want to See Iowa ASCD Do/Become? (11:45) (President, Allan Eckelman)  (Lou Howell will chart)

  • Intended Outcome
    • Move Forward by Identifying “What should we be doing?  What do we want to see Iowa ASCD do/become?”
    • Explore Possible Foci of Biennial Plan with ASCD

V.      Gap Analysis (12:15) (President, Alan Eckelman and Executive Director, Lou Howell as Charter) 

  •    Continue open discussion around “What’s Missing?  What’s a Priority?  How Might We Get There?  What will it take to get “there”?”

VIII.   Digging Deeper into Solutions through Team Work  (1:15 P.M. with break built in) (President, Allan Eckelman) (Chart paper will be provided for each team.)

  • Assure the goals and actions/activities eliminate the gap.
  • Identification of continued or new support for 3 – 4 Priorities
  • Directors Self-Select by Passion/Interest or Use Left Side of Update
  • “Teams” Address Priorities with . . .
    • Identification/Update of Specific Goal with actions
    • Identification/Update of Evidence Accepted as “Proof of Attainment”
    • Identification/Extension/Update of Specific Actions/Activities
    • Identification of Person(s)/Team(s) Responsible for Goal and Actions/Activities

IX.     Sharing Out of Goals and Actions/Activities (2:15 P.M.) (President Allan Eckelman and Executive Director, Lou Howell)

  • “Teams” Share Priorities with . . .
    • Identification/Update of Specific Goal
    • Identification/Update of Evidence Accepted as “Proof of Attainment”
    • Identification/Extension/Update of Specific Actions/Activities
    • Identification of Person(s)/Team(s) Responsible for Goal and Actions/Activities
    • Information will be organized and presented as “updated strategic plan” at October Board Meeting for review and reflection

X.     Business Meeting (3:15 P.M.) (President, Allan Eckelman)

  • Approval of Minutes (Leslie Moore)
  • Approval of Finances (Lou Howell)
  • Approval of Appointments of Directors (Lou Howell)
    • Veta Thode as Fall Institute Chair
    • Co-Chair for Curriculum Academy
    • Approval of Influence Grant Application for Advocacy and Influence (Pam Vogel and Susan Pecinovsky)
    • Approval of Recommendations for Technology Update (Chris Welch)
    • Other

XI.            Next Steps (3:45 P.M.) (Allan Eckelman, President)

XII. Reflection on Day (3:55 P.M.) (President, Allan Eckelman)

  • How did today help us move forward and/or solidify where we stand?

XIII. Closing and Adjournment (4:00 P.M.) (President, Allan Eckelman)

Next Meeting – October 9, 2013 – 10:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M. – ISEA, 777 Third Street, Des Moines, IA 50309

Action on the following:

  • Minutes
  • Finances

Professional Development

  • TBD at Summer Retreat

Discussion with possible action:

  • Strategic Action Plan Update and Goal Updates