Minutes for February 10, 2012, Meeting of Iowa ASCD Board of Directors

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Minutes for the

Iowa ASCD Executive Board of Directors Meeting

Friday, February 10, 2012  (1:00 P.M. – 3:00 P.M.)  

Location:  Virtual Meeting

Directions to Access Virtual Meeting:  To  join the online meeting, go to https://iowaascd.webex.com/iowaascd/j.phpED=192233377&UID=502338157&PW=NOTQwYmZlM2U1&RT=MiM3

Norms for Virtual Meeting:  For this meeting, please seek recognition by accessing the President; for instance, you might say, "Madame President" or Raise Your Hand.  (There are 7 active microphones so Leslie will pass the microphone to a raised hand.  Once she recognizes you, please proceed, remembering to . . . 

  1. Listen for Understanding
  2. Speak to Be Truthfully Understood
  3. Confront the Tough Challenges
  4. Come Prepared
  5. Start on Time and End on Time
  6. Value Diversity
  7. Honor Confidentiality
  8. Have Fun

Voting:  We ask that when Leslie Moore asks "all in favor," you raise your hand; the same is true when she asks, "all who oppose"

Preparation for Meeting: 

  • Share with Lou Howell (L1313@mchsi.com) updates for directors no later than February 9, 2012 
  • Review documents prior to meeting; be prepared to discuss and/or take action when appropriate. 

Directors able to attend:  Kelly Adams, Tom Ahart, Pam Armstrong-Vogel, Julie Davies, Jason Ellingson, Lou Howell, Leslie Moore, Eric Neessen, Susan Pecinovsky, Marcia Tweeten, Kevin Vidergar, Chris Welch, Jan Westerman-Beatty,  Amy Wichman, Sue Wood

Directors unable to attend: Juli Grotewold, Bart Mason, Elaine Smith-Bright, Cindy Swanson, Stephanie Rosenburg-Wager (ad hoc) 

Focus on Our Group Norms:

?  Listen for Understanding, Speak to Be Truthfully Understood, Confront the Tough Challenges, Come Prepared, Have Fun, Start on Time and End on Time, Value Diversity, Honor Confidentiality

 I.   Welcome (1:00) (Leslie Moore, President)

?    Review of Agenda and Group Norms

      Leslie welcomed everyone at 1:05 PM. 

 II .   Action Items: (1:05) (President, Leslie Moore) 

            Please review and be prepared to discuss and take action.

?     Minutes for December 9, 2011  (Secretary, Marcia Tweeten)

Susan Pecinovsky made a motion to accept the minutes.  Sue Wood seconded.  Motion carried.

?     Financial Report (Treasurer, Julie Davies) 

Profit and Loss

Balance Sheet

Motion to accept the financial report was made by Kelly Adams and seconded by Marcia Tweeten.  Motion carried.                       

?      Constitution, Operating Procedures, Conflict of Interest, Code of Ethics (Lou Howell)   

                   Update with Recommendation

    • Name:  In the future we will be known as Iowa ASCD.
    • Second Signature:  Lou indicated that the second signature was removed for writing checks.  We also have fraud insurance.
    • Co-Chair of Events:  Renewable chair for Action 1 will promote consistency 


Motion to approve the constitution and present to the membership for final approval was made by Kelly Adams and seconded by Susan Pecinovsky.  Motion carried.

                    Operating Procedures

Motion to accept the operating principles was made by Kelly Adams and   seconded by Sue Wood.  Motion carried.

                    Code of Ethics

Motion to accept the code of ethics was made by Kelly Adams and seconded by Marcia Tweeten.  Motion carried.

                    Conflict of Interest

Motion to accept the conflict of interest was made by Kelly Adams and seconded by Susan Pecinovsky.  Motion carried.

 ?     Nominations (Jason Ellingson)

The slate of candidates for Members at Large, Secretary, ASCD leadership Council, and the President were mentioned.

Motion to accept the slate of nominees as accepted was made by Sue Wood and seconded by Kelly Adams.  Motion carried.

Thank you, Jason, for your work on nominations!  The announcement of our new Board members, from the election that will be held in March, will be made at our April Board Meeting.


?   Planning Chair (Lou Howell)

The procedure for selecting a planning chair was the same procedure that we have followed in the past.  Cindy Swanson was the candidate form the Board who applied for the position.  She submitted her resume, went through the interview process, and the Executive Committee offered her the position which she accepted.  She will be our new co-chair to oversee action one of our strategic plan.  The past president will still be involved but more of the responsibility will accompany Cindy’s new position.

 There was a motion to accept Cindy Swanson as the co-chair of teaching and learning by Kelly Adams.  Seconded by Amy Wichman.  Motion carried.

III.   Strategic Plan  (1:45) (President, Leslie Moore):  By 2014, Iowa ASCD will have a systems-wide approach to all structures in the organization as evidenced by the expected outcomes of the following four actions with updates in progress annually at the summer retreat and as requested for specific actions and activities

?    Action 1 - Innovation and Leadership in Teaching and Learning   (Past President, Julie Davies)

Information:  Please read the following updates; no discussion will take place

 Curriculum Academy (Sue Wood)  Note:  Sue Wood is in need of workers at the conference - book store, registration, introducers

Brochures have been sent to schools.  We have 14 people already signed up.  Sue Wood will need helpers.  Please let her know if you can help.

Susan mentioned that Doug Fisher’s focus of RtI was being a response first to instruction first and then to intervention.  How can we continue to focus on core instruction? 

4:30-8:30 PM is the time for our next Board Meeting on April 11.  A meal will be ordered for the Board during the meeting.

            Grades 2-3 Conferences (Cindy Swanson)

Discussion:  Please read the following updates and be prepared to discuss to provoke learning for future action

Cindy is finalizing details.  There will be at least 4 presenters, and the agenda is still in progress.   Literacy, math, technology and RtI with the implementation will be the speaker topics that she has so far.  There will be opportunities with networking, twitter chats and webinars at the conference.  We will have a website for grades 2 and 3.

There were no questions.

             Fall Institute (Kelly Adams)

Discussion and Action:  Please read the following updates and be prepared to discuss and take action

A topic and a presenter are needed.  Doug Fisher will not be able to attend, but may be able to suggest someone.  Different topics were discussed like PLCs, Core Instruction, grade level instruction, practical application to implement at LEAs, annual evaluations of teachers and administrators.

Lou mentioned that Iowa ASCD has been part of a team, Administrative Professional Development Providers, that has made a recommendation to the DE on how to support principals.  She is waiting to hear back from them.

Coordinating the speakers for all of our events will now be a responsibility of Cindy Swanson’s new position. 

Kelly will take an input if any Board Member has any for the Fall Institute for topics or presenters.

 Competency Based Education (Jason Ellingson)

Jason mentioned that there is not a lot of new information that is being put out there.  Collins-Maxwell CSD has applied for the waiver and other schools on the Board have also applied.  Jason will be pursuing a partnership between the DE and the Iowa ASCD to 1) support districts working with alternate pathways  2) getting information back to support CBE across the state.  Dr. Jason Glass is interested in this partnership.

The Prairie Lakes AEA has been working in Sue Wood’s area with schools that have been approved for the waiver.

Duplication of this work across the state is a concern.  Jason Ellingson is looking to have Iowa ASCD as the hub for all of this information.

Jason would like the Board members who have applied for the waivers to send their proposal to him so that he can look for common themes from the Board’s perspective.

Motion to approve the CBE partnership with the DE to support districts by Sue Wood and seconded by Kevin Vidergar.  Motion carried.

 ?     Action 2   Membership (Director of Member Relations and E-Learning, Amy Wichman)

 Information:  Please read the following updates; no discussion will take place.

 ?     Action 3   Technology (Director of Technology, Chris Welch)

            Information:  Please read; no discussion will take place.

  Feedback from the Board was for user names to be our  first and last names for easier identification.

 ?    Action 4   Advocacy and Influence (Leadership Council Members, Susan Pecinovsky and Pam Vogel)

            Information:  Please read; no discussion will take place.

Susan indicated that Iowa was one of the first three groups to make contact with our legislators and Susan and that they met with all of our 7 legislators!  The survey from our membership to get information to represent their voice  was well received.  There were 65 pages of comments.

February 14-15 presently has 19 people registered.  The processes to be used that day are the same processes that Susan and Pam used at LILA.

Susan indicated that she feels that advocacy with Iowa ASCD has greatly increased this past year more than has been done in the past three years.  Lou says that we are being looked at as an organization that looks at what is best for children.

Were there any surprises form the survey? 

• Annual evaluations of principals and teachers was surprising as about 50% wanted it for principals and 40% wanted it for teachers. 

What are we saying as Iowa ASCD’s position on the Annual evaluations of teachers?. Lou says that we presently have some good practices in place with our growth plans and that the real change happens in people with the coaching and feedback component.  Lou mentioned that there is new research that came out yesterday that says that annual evaluation is not enough.  It says that coaching and feedback is necessary for improvement.   Connecting the evaluations to the standards for school leaders and the Iowa Teaching Standards was mentioned in the survey.

• The 3rd grade assessment was also mentioned.

 IV.   Policy and Procedures  (2:30) (President, Leslie Moore)

No items at this time.

V.  Next Agenda – April 11, 2012  (4:30 P.M  to 8:30 P.M) (President, Leslie Moore)

    Action on the following:

?    Minutes

?    Finances


?     Committee to Work on Affiliate Recognition Application for 2013

?     Membership Fees 

?      Awards

?     Announcement of Election

  Leslie reviewed the agenda topics for our next meeting on April 11.

VIII.  Adjournment (3:00 P.M.) (President, Leslie Moore)

Julie Davies moved to adjourn and Jason Ellingson seconded.  Motion carried.