Model Teachers

Model teachers -  you are the experts!  Please share with Lou Howell at URLs you would like to see on this web page.

  • Linn-Mar Model Teachers:  Linn-Mar is comprised of 550 highly qualified professional educators. The Teacher Leadership Program has chosen 24 of these dedicated individuals to serve as Model Teachers for our staff. Model Teachers work in preschool through 12th grade classrooms throughout the district.  Model Teachers are selected annually based on six competency areas which were designed by our district's teacher leaders, administrators and directors. Our Model Teachers display high efficacy and craftsmanship in these competencies.
  • Model Teachers:  Model Teachers are highly skilled educators with a passion and drive to improve the instructional quality of their schools.  By extending their impact as teachers and lead learners in the school community,Model Teachers promote local
    effective instructional practices that are beneficial for diverse groups of students. Additionally,they create a welcoming environment within their lab classroom for teachers to reflect, grow, and continuously explore innovative
    instructional strategies.
  • Standards for Professional Learning:  Learning Forward's site for professional learning supports for learning communities, leadership, resources, data, learning designs, implementation, and outcomes.
  • Teacher Leader Model Standards:  The Teacher Leader Model Standards define how teacher leadership can be distinguished from, but work in tandem with, administrative leadership roles to support quality teaching and enhance student learning.


This page was updated on February 12, 2022.