Iowa ASCD - Advocacy and Influence for Learning

Iowa ASCD - Advocacy and Influence for Learning

Posted by louhowell on January 11, 2022


Iowa ASCD - Advocating for Learning with Your Stories


Welcome to the Iowa ASCD webpage for Advocating for Learning with Your Stories.

Iowa ASCD views educational legislation and policy through a lens that asks, “Is it good for our kids?”

Through the unified voice of an influential organization, we provide the tools and information for you to actively participate in shaping the education landscape for teaching, learning, and leadership.

Maximize your efforts in influencing policy decisions that affect Iowa's schools, your jobs, our kids. Building on the legislative training provided by ASCD governmental experts, be a part of this powerful influence team to advocate for smart statewide education policy.

Making Meetings Meaningful – Personalizing Your Message

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Preparation for “On the Hill”

Meetings with Your Legislators:  We have attached a phone/email transcript for your convenience.  Legislators usually will allocate about 20 minutes for a meeting. 

Please note that you must go through security when you enter the Capitol so it is wise to keep jewelry to a minimum and to wear comfortable shoes.  If you have business cards, take them – they are always a nice touch to leave with your representative.

Please check out below for tools for your advocacy.  You will find . . .

Tools for Advocacy:

  • Iowa ASCD Webinars for Advocacy


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