June 2024 Life Space Crisis Intervention Certification: 7:30 am - 4:00 pm

Time to register for the June 17-21, 2024, session of the Life Space Crisis Intervention Certification Workshop.   Brought to you by Iowa ASCD and Iowa State Education Association.

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June 17-21, 2024. The series is 4.5 days.    32 participants each session
Facilitator: Danielle Theis, National consultant on mental health and trauma-responsive schools and Master Trainer of Life Space.  danielletheisconsulting.com

*Past certified LSCI participants may also attend for review if registered. Contact Becky Martin for details.

LSCI certification training is provided only by Master or Senior LSCI Trainers acknowledged by the LSCI Institute. This training should be attended by those who will maintain fidelity to the intervention modality systemically or individually with students. 

Attendance at this training certifies an individual to use the strategies. It does not allow a participant to train others in the strategies, tools and concepts presented in the training.

Brief Overview:  This certification training provides carefully structured theoretical and applied instruction in crisis intervention skills for use in reclaiming children and youth involved in patterns of self-defeating behavior. Life Space Crisis Intervention (LSCI) applies to troubled and at-risk students in various education settings. The training provides 27 specific competencies for using the crisis as a teaching and therapeutic opportunity with students showing six different patterns of self-defeating behavior.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Articulate the dynamics of conflict cycles, which lead to self-defeating behavior.

2. Recognize student-thinking errors that interfere with communication and problem- solving.

3. Recognize the process and outcomes of staff counter-aggression, which precludes effective intervention.

4. Assess the circumstances under which LSCI is or is not an appropriate intervention.

5. Demonstrate effective de-escalation, decoding, and counseling strategies for youth in crisis.

6. Differentially diagnose these six common patterns of self-defeating behavior:

a. Problems originating elsewhere in a child's ecology.
b. Problems rooted in a child's reality distortions.
c. Problems resulting from social skill deficits.
d. Problems related to negative peer influence.
e. Problems caused by lack of prosocial values.
f. Problems of guilt and self-abusive behavior.

7. Match specific reclaiming interventions with each of the six patterns of self-defeating behavior.

8. Utilize a six-step sequence and specific communication skills for each reclaiming intervention.

9. Reflect on how certain youth problems relate to the helper's personality and values.


  • $1,000 also includes the required materials & book ($175 value) and one-year membership in Iowa ASCD. 
  • **School Counselors who are members of ISEA the Ross Trust will pay for registration, materials  & lodging.     Enter ISEA in the PO blank on the registration form.
  • LSCI book will be mailed to you after registration.  It is highly recommended that participants read the entire text prior to attending the course. 

Location & Lodging

Group Block Name: ISEA – Life Space Crisis Intervention

Group Block Code: LF6

Hotel Code: DSMDU

Reservation Deadline: 

      June (16) 17-21: Sunday June 22024


 Room rate: $104+tax/night (Executive King or Double Queen)


Reservations can be made three ways using the above group information:

  License Renewal

  • Iowa License Renewal 2 credits $ 70 –through ISEA Academy 
  • 2 Drake Graduate Credits – ISEA Academy $190.00 
  • 3 Graduate Credits - Augustana College - $300 –through Danielle Theis.
  • **School Counselors who are ISEA members can be reimbursed through Ross Trust.
Questions contact: Becky Martin  rjmartin@mchsi.com

Cancellation Policy - Read before you register.
If you are unable to attend the LSCI event for which you have registered, contact Becky Martin of Iowa ASCD by email no later than 14 calendar days before the start of the event. You may send a non-registered person in your place or request a refund. The information of the replacement person must be received within one day of your cancellation.  Processing Fees: Iowa ASCD may charge fees for processing event refunds for the LSCI event.  Processing fees are deducted from the registration refund amount.

Registration closed on June 21, 2024