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Event Description

Fall Book Study: Developing Student Ownership by Crowe & Kennedy: 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm (09/17/2024 - 12/17/2024)

Developing Student Ownership - Supporting Students to Own Their Learning through the Use of Strategic Learning Practices Second Edition

Curriculum Lead, David Keane, of West Burlington Community School District and their two instructional coaches, Craig Fleece and Alicia Sherwood, will be facilitating a book study this fall on
Developing Student Ownership – Supporting Students to Own Their Learning through the Use of Strategic Learning Practices - 2nd edition by Robert Crowe and Jane Kennedy.

Wouldn't you love to walk into your own class full of motivated, engaged, and eager students who own their learning? How do we build an environment where students can say, "I like this classroom because here I get smarter every day?" Is this a realistic goal, or is it just a pipe dream? Developing Student Ownership provides validated techniques that transform students from passengers in their education to active participants. Robert Crowe and Jane Kennedy combine 50+ years of research, consulting, and practical classroom experience to break down the practices in curriculum, instruction, assessment, and classroom climate that increase the opportunities for learning. When you finish this book study, you'll better understand how to help students: Own what they are learning! Own how they are learning! Own how well they are learning! Own their role in class! Containing real classroom examples, self-assessment prompts and best practices, Developing Student Ownership is a comprehensive and functional guide no teacher will want to be without.

Fall Option (Third Tuesday of the month)

You may purchase your book, Developing Student Ownership 2nd Edition by Crowe and Kenney, for $24.95 plus shipping from Elevated Achievement:  https://elevatedachievement.com/our-products/professional-learning-books/

Join Iowa ASCD's Professional Learning Network (PLN) as we learn in a virtual book study how to develop our students' ownership of the learning!

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