Getting Involved

Meetings with Your Legislators

We have attached a phone/email transcript for your convenience.  Legislators usually will allocate about 20 minutes for a meeting.

Please note that you must go through security when you enter the Capitol, so it is wise to keep jewelry to a minimum and to wear comfortable shoes.  If you have business cards, take them – they are always a nice touch to leave with your legislator.

Please check out below for tools for your advocacy.  You will find . . .


Resources for February 15, 2023 - Margaret Bucketon

Tips for Meetings

Meeting with representatives and senators isn’t something everyone does on a regular basis, but you should try to find the time to meet the individuals that represent you.  It can be a nerve-racking experience meeting with someone in these positions, but it doesn’t have to be.  Taking time to prepare will alleviate stress and help you get the most out of your meeting.

Ten tips to make it happen!

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1. Remember, they are just people.
2. Do your research.
3. Plan your meeting.
4. Practice your speech in advance.
5. Introduce yourself properly.
6. Share your story.
7. Ask about them.
8. Thank them for meeting with you.
9. Follow up.
10. Share your interaction.

ASCD Advocacy and Government Relations


Check out this summary of Iowa ASCD resources.

Access:  Iowa ASCD - Advocating with Your Stories

  • Iowa ASCD Legislative Agenda 2022
  • Iowa ASCD Legislative Agenda 2020
  • Iowa ASCD Legislative Agenda 2017


This Message Development sheet allows you to use the legislative agenda  to develop your own message for the legislator(s).  The Final Message Sheet allows you to transfer your initial thinking to your final version.

  • Positive Conditions for Learning
  • Great Teachers and Leaders for Learning
  • Student Success Using Whole Child Accountability


Advocacy Center:  Be a Voice for Public Education

The need for advocacy on behalf of Iowa public schools has never been greater. The decisions made by the Iowa General Assembly and at the national level impact your school district and the education of Iowa's 487,000 public school students. As our state strives to implement far-ranging educational reforms, with limited resources—we must stand together. IASB is here is help you be a strong and effective voice for public education with our advocacy toolkits, powerful coalitions with other education organizations and engagement in national issues. Together, we can make your message heard on issues that matter for Iowa students.