Legislative Committee

Iowa ASCD Legislative Committee

Iowa ASCD works with groups throughout the state in providing support and materials to assist in others  Advocating for the students and families in Iowa. 

This page provides an agenda used with the Iowa ASCD Legislative Committee to determine the legislative agenda for Iowa ASCD.  Look for our updated agenda in the fall of 2022.

Iowa ASCD Legislative Committee Agenda


January 5, 2017

9:00 A.M. - 3:30 P.M. with Continental Breakfast at 8:30 A.M.

Location:  Iowa Association of Community Colleges - 855 East Court Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa
Iowa ASCD Legislative Committee Members:


  • Understand the purpose of this committee
  • Develop agreements for this committee
  • Acquaint ourselves with the 2016 Iowa ASCD Legislative Agenda
  • Acquaint ourselves with the resources available to us
  • Develop our knowledge on the prominent issues facing the 2017 Legislative Session
  • Develop a draft of the 2017 Iowa ASCD Legislative Agenda
8:30 Continental Breakfast and Networking

Welcome & Introductions


Building Background Knowledge


Building Background Knowledge

10:45 Break

Building Background Knowledge

  • Dr. Roark Horn  - School Administrators of Iowa - Executive Director

LUNCH & Connecting to Resources


Building Background Knowledge


Acquaint Ourselves with the 2016 Iowa ASCD Legislative Agenda

  • How does this format meet our needs?

DRAFT - Legislative Agenda 2017

  • What are the common themes that we have heard today?
  • What are the “must haves” in the 2017 Legislative Agenda?
  • How do we share this draft with our membership? Or, do we share a final draft?

Next Steps

  • LILA
  • February 8 - Advocacy for Learners and Learning
3:30 Adjournment


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Tools For Advocacy

Tools for Advocacy

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