Book Study: Developing Student Ownership

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Virtual Book Study

Developing Student Ownership - Supporting Students to Own Their Own Learning
by Robert Crowe and Jane Kennedy

Iowa ASCD’s Professional Learning Network (PLN)  Virtual Book Study!

Join us as we learn in a virtual book study how to develop our students’ ownership of the learning! 

Developing Student Ownership – Supporting Students to Own Their Learning through the Use of Strategic Learning Practices 

by Robert Crowe and Jane Kennedy 

Goals for study:

  • Support elevated achievement.  
    • Academic achievement increases when students move from doing → understanding  → owning their learning.
  • Join us in identifying strengths and closing gaps in our current practices using the Strategic Learning Practices discussed in this book study. 

Attend with a team!  Register here!

4 Virtual Sessions - Dates to be determined.


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  • $35 for Iowa ASCD members
  • $50 for non-members of Iowa ASCD (Affiliates will be reimbursed $15 for each out-of-state registrant they have complete the book study.)
  • Each registrant for an additional $25 may earn 1 License Renewal Credit for active participation in the four Zoom meetings and completion of reflections with additional postings to two or more participants.  Credit link provided at the first session.

Available for purchase at the following:

  • Amazon - $17.99
  • Barnes & Noble - 24.95
  • Books a Million (BAM!) - $24.95
  • IndieBound - $24.95
  • Target - $17.99

Supporting Resources:

  • Student Engagement vs. Student Ownership – This resource is broad in nature and defines the two terms citing that ownership, not engagement, is the goal.
  • The remaining resources all connect student ownership with various indicators on the NIET Instructional Framework:

Coaching Considerations: Fostering Student Ownership through the Classroom Environment

Fostering Student Ownership through Thinking and Problem Solving

Fostering Student Ownership through Standards and Objectives and Questioning

Fostering Student Ownership through Academic Feedback and Motivating Students

Registration/Cancellation Questions:  Contact Lou Howell


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