Mental Health In Our Schools

Teach to Heal Series

October 7-8 & 28, 2024
March 10-11 & 31, 2025

This is a face-to-face event.
Facilitated by Danielle Theis.

Summer 2024 in Des Moines: 
Unfortunately has been cancelled due to low registration.  Please consider the October or March session.

A PK-12 Systemic Approach to Support
Mental Health in Our Schools! 


Teach to Heal  3-day series
 Sponsored by Iowa ASCD & ISEA 

This series is about creating a system in the school to support students
of trauma and/or behavior issues and provide staff with information, support  and tools.
Attend with a team to build YOUR System Action Plan!

Attention: **School Counselors who are members of Iowa State Education Association all costs including lodging, registration and license renewal credit will be covered through Ross Trust Charitable Funds. 

Teach to Heal is an infrastructure for schools who are seeking to integrate the necessary components to meet the needs of all learners.  This is not the easier path... but it is right for kids.  Come start your Teach to Heal journey with this series. 

What is YOUR Current State?
--- What is the role of educators?
--- What are the signs of trouble?
What is your plan?

Attend with a team to build your System Action Plan. 

Attend to formulate your plan for a  foundation/framework upon which to build a school-wide system. One that can be built upon with tools, resources, and support.

Why Teach to Heal ...

  • We know that the mental health of our students is at the top of our lists as educators. 

  • We know their needs are increasingly complex and we know our staff are increasingly exhausted. 

  • We cannot continue to attempt to meet the needs of our students the way we have in the past hoping for a different result. 

  • We know today’s school environment has changed. There are new and different issues with student behaviors and educators are finding that previous techniques are not effective.

  • A new paradigm is needed - a whole school approach-so both teachers and students are supported.

Talk today and bring Your Team to:

  • Determine your current state of response
  • Discuss & develop the foundation of your system
  • Plan to create & implement an action plan.
  • We must be solution focused!

Who Should Attend? School Leadership Teams including administrators, school counselors, behavioral interventionists, social workers, school psychologists, teachers, health workers, community liaisons.

Event Details & Registration Information Below

Join Danielle Theis, mental health and trauma expert, as she guides us toward a road map for change.  Systemic change that aligns to the reality of what works for the people we serve.  Systems must align to how people function and what truly supports them to move forward.   If you choose to be an educator, you choose to support vulnerable children... our staff must be given the proper systemic support to do so.  This work must be led by champions who understand how to best meet the needs of our children through the adults that serve them.  The initial adjustments always come through the adults... children are just bringing what their life experiences have taught them... enter a solution focused discussion regarding how to build that system together.

What People are Saying about this Series

We have a plan for the students we have today!! Excited to learn 'new to us" techniques and interventions that will lead to success for students and less stress for us! Middle School Team

We started building our foundation - our system that will benefit ALL students and staff!!
No more piecemeal attempts. Excited to share and for staff to participate
in creating our action plan. 
School Leadership Team

Everyone who teaches should take it! The interventions, brain development,
the effect that trauma has on the brain, and how best to teach
students who are dysregulated. I plan to begin using the interventions
and using the language right from the first day of school.

This was the best training/preparation for school that
I have ever had. I am fortunate to be part of a
school district that provides this type of training for its employees! 


Danielle did a fantastic job meeting people where they were
 and encouraging them. She provided feedback consistently
and was very knowledgeable. I really enjoyed learning
from her!
 Special Education Consultant

Join us at the Teach to Heal Series!
Support for Staff & Students.
Register today for the Series.
Summer 2024:  June 10-12

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*** Special Offer!!    Fall 2023: Three-Part Series
School Counselors who are members of Iowa State Education Association are supported through the Ross Trust Charitable Fund managed through ISEA and all costs including lodging and registration will be covered through Ross Trust reserve funds because this is an ISEA co-sponsored event. (For more information, please contact Rhonda Plimmer, ISEA


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Daily Schedule: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm  
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*Renewal Credit: One Iowa License Renewal Credit available if attending all 3 sessions. Registration the first day of  event.

We look forward to learning with you!
Dr. Susan
Colleen Heinz of ISEA
Lou Howell, Executive Director Iowa ASCD
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