The Center

The Center

The purpose of The Center, housed at Mississippi Bend AEA 9, is to develop Iowa’s capacity to leverage learner-centered, personalized, and competency-based ecosystems as pathways to future readiness.

The Center is a coalition of educators with a Leadership Council that supports local implementation of learner-centered, personalized, and competency-based practices. Members create tools/processes and offer free resources on the website to help make the shifts easier and more sustainable by using current research and innovative designs that model UDL/SDI and current practices in the field of personalized learning.

The statewide work the Center supports includes the following:

  • Iowa's College and Career Ready Definition
  • Area Education Agency Compact's Postsecondary Success Pledge
  • The Governor's Future Ready Iowa Initiative
  • AEA PREP (Postsecondary Readiness and Equity Partnership)
  • Iowa Digital Learning Plan

The Center is made up of passionate educators and partners from around the state, including those who are members of:

Together they put students at the center as co-designers and co-owners of their learning; they are a center of resources, expertise, training, and innovation in the area of personalized ecosystems; and they will keep Iowa at the center of the shift to a learner-centered paradigm.

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