Teacher Huddles 2023-2024

September 12 - postponed
November 8, 2023 
February 13, 2024
April 25, 2024

All sessions face-to-face

Teacher Huddle Overview (printable)

Teacher Huddle Series
Iowa ASCD & NIET - Facilitated by Natalie Szakacs

Attend one or more sessions
Pricing after the session descriptions
Registration:    Iowa ASCD website     https://iowaascd.org/events/register-now

Goal of Teacher Huddles:

  •  to provide learning opportunities for teachers to enhance their efficacy and effectiveness in planning, delivering, and assessing core instruction that meets the needs of all learners.
  • to engage educators in building the capacity as leaders of teaching and learning.

September 12, 2023 - This session is postponed. Check back for new date!
Planning for High Quality Instruction - The Critical Links of Core Instruction
In this training, educators will analyze and plan for alignment of standards and objectives, student work, and assessment, leaving with a deeper understanding of the link between each and the implications for planning and instruction.

Participants will:

  • Analyze a plan for depth and alignment to standards & objectives, student work and assessment.
  • Examine the critical links between indicators.
  • Implement new learning into planning, delivery, and support.

November 8, 2023 
Effectively Using Student Work to Understand Student Progress and Make Intentional Instructional Decisions

How can the analysis of student work samples guide our instruction? In this one-day training targeting career teachers and teacher leaders, participants will apply a standards-driven student work analysis process to examine student work samples alongside criteria. Participants will use the data from their analyses to understand student progress and make intentional instructional decisions to propel student learning forward. Participants will leave with a deep understanding of the power of student work analysis.

Participants will:

  • Define the role that standards and success criteria play in an impactful process for analyzing student work
  • Engage in a standards-driven student work analysis process:
    • Define the expectations for student performance against grade-level standards
    • Identify the extent to which students are achieving at high levels set by standards and success criteria
    • Act on data to determine high-impact opportunities to propel student learning forward
  • Use NIET’s Teaching and Learning Standards to reflect on best practices applied in student work analysis

February 13, 2024
Who's Doing the Thinking and Problem Solving
After teaching or observing a lesson, do we often wonder who did the majority of the thinking and problem solving during the lesson? Do we sometimes rob students of the opportunity of managing certain tasks for the simple fact we think it may be "too difficult" or "they're just not read for it"? This half-day training will examine the connections between student mastery and ownership of learning and the quality and quantity of students doing the thinking and problem solving throughout the five steps of a lesson.

Participants will:

  • Determine student thinking and problem solving are embedded throughout the five steps of a lesson.
  • Explain teacher actions/learning strategies that strengthen student engagement in LEARNING

Strengthening Learning Engagement to Build Student Ownership of Learning.
In this session, we will examine the connections between student engagement and student ownership of learning. Join the conversation to discuss instructional strategies that release ownership to the student through awareness of their performance, self-analysis of their work, and knowing their learning role in the classroom. The strategies encourage and motivate students through awareness of what they are learning, how they are learning, and how they will know if they are successful.

Participant will:

  • Define a classroom culture that promotes a ready to learn environment
  • Connect actions of student engagement that lead to ownership for the learner
  • Define and list instructional strategies that offer the opportunity for students to own their learning
  • Determine action steps to strengthen the instructional opportunities for students to be highly engaged and own their learning

April 25. 2024
Maximizing Student Ownership of Learning

In this one-day training, participants will: examine why shifting to student ownership is the difference maker in maximizing student outcomes; analyze the shifts that teachers must make in order for students to take ownership of their learning; examine how these shifts impact a student's role in the classroom; and examine the connections between teaching and learning standards and student ownership of learning. Participants will leave with identified strategies to apply to deepen student engagement and ownership of their own learning.

Participants will:

Engage Students in Learning

  • Identify evidence and causes of distractions during instruction.
  • Pinpoint qualities of student work necessary to maximize student engagement.
  • Engage in a framework to strategically support teachers in maximizing student engagement in environments

Know How Exemplary Teaching and Learning Impacts Student Ownership

  • Examine the shifts that occur for students in learning environments with exemplary teaching and learning.
  • Identify strategies for exemplary instruction that maximize student ownership.
  • Develop action steps for implementing strategies to shift the ownership of learning to students.

Put the Student in the Driver’s Seat

  • Analyze the instruction and assessment practices that occur when students take ownership of the thinking and problem solving.
  • Identify the planning shifts and teacher actions that promote student thinking and problem solving at the exemplary level.
  • Examine the shifts that occur for students when they take ownership of their thinking and problem solving.

Registration:    Iowa ASCD website     https://iowaascd.org/events/register-now
Each session:
- Iowa ASCD member: $200
- Iowa ASCD Non-member: $245 Includes a one-year membership
All Four Sessions in the Series:
- Iowa ASCD Member: $700
- Iowa ASCD non-member: $770

Where: All sessions will be held at Dejardin Hall 
3702 South Center Street, Marshalltown, Iowa 50158

Iowa Valley Continuing Education College, Marshalltown, Iowa
Free Parking on-site

8:30 am - check-in
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Registration:    Iowa ASCD website     https://iowaascd.org/events/register-now

Lodging: Participants will determine their own lodging.

Questions? Contact, Dr. Susan Pecinovsky specinovsky0820@gmail.com

​​Registration Questions Contact: Becky Martin rjmartin@mchsi.com

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