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2024 Events Jan.April


Iowa ASCD offers
a variety of professional learning opportunities 

Planning for 2024-2025?

Events coming in 2024-2025!
Mental Health Series:  
-- Teach to Heal: October & March
-- Life Space Crisis Intervention Certification: September & February

*Learn *Teach *Lead Curriculum Series
-- September, October, November, January, February, April

Curriculum Leadership Academy: July 21 & 22, 2025

Interested in hosting or having an event in your area? Contact US!
Lou Howell, Executive Director    louhowell@gmail.com


  • Stay on the cutting edge with your own learning! 
  • Maximize the Iowa ASCD resources that are at your fingertips!
  • Be the “lead learner” in your organization!


  • Empower others to reach their full potential, assuring every student’s success.
  • Support your educators to rise stronger and better than ever!
  • Build educators’ ownership in teaching for learning!


  • Lead with passion!
  • Be a warrior for your students and their success!
  • Amplify your voice and your influence for the success of all educators and students!


Registration Open! **Teach to Heal: March & April **Coaches Camps April **Life Space Certification
Certification for Behavior Interventionist
Check out these resources and tools! The 2024 Curriculum Leadership Academy is featuring sessions on AI. Join the Curriculum Academy on July 22 & 23, 2024. Select Events!
Iowa ASCD - "translating research into evidence-based practice"
Congratulation's to President Elect Lora Rasey and Elected Board Members. Welcome Dr. Angela Hanson and Welcome Jodi Grover.