Meet Your Iowa ASCD Team - David Keane


This month meet David Keane.

 Iowa ASCD’s Director at Large -  David Keane

Dave Keane serves on the Iowa ASCD Board of Directors, representing the Members at Large.  He is also a candidate for President Elect.   He is the  Director of Curriculum and Instruction for the West Burlington Independent School District. Prior to joining the West Burlington District, he served for 7 years as the Burlington high school principal. He also served as high school principal in Fort Dodge Senior High School from 2008-2015 and as the high school principal in Keokuk from 2003-2008.

As a high school principal he was always extremely involved with curriculum, assessment and instruction.  He has been a member of ASCD and Iowa ASCD for sometime and shares that he "greatly benefits from the wealth of knowledge both provide as well as the ability to get to know others interested in curriculum assessment and instruction. Much of his professional network has been established by attending events sponsored by Iowa ASCD or School Administrators of Iowa.

Before entering administration he served as an academic advisor and school improvement coordinator for the Humboldt School District for 2 years and was instrumental in facilitating the move from a junior high and 10-12 high school to a middle school and 9-12 high school structure. He served as a teacher of science at STARMONT and coached football, wrestling, track, and softball. He was also the student council advisor during his two years with the district. He taught science and industrial technology in his hometown, Webster City. He worked with a group of teachers who constructed homes with students from Webster City, Eagle Grove, and South Hamilton. It was during this time that his interest in curriculum, assessment and instruction blossomed. "I was able to work with some remarkable teachers and administrators and provided support in the development of numerous cutting edge programs."

David, thank you – and keep pushing us forward!


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