February 2023

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February 2023

Even before the pandemic struck, the field had been expressing concern about teacher shortages.

What will it take to create a teaching force with high retention? What needs to change? And how can the field adapt to develop a new outlook on the profession?

Join Peter DeWitt will be popular author and educator Michael Fullan and elementary school principal Kim Doughty.  


Kim Doughty, Principal, Peter G. Schmidt Elementary, Tumwater, Wash. 
Kim Doughty has been working in education for the past 28 years as an elementary teacher, dean of students, and school administrator. Currently, she is the principal of the school she attended as a 6th grader, Peter G. Schmidt Elementary in the Washington state school district of Tumwater from which she also graduated. 

Michael Fullan Global Director of Leadership, New Pedagogies for Deep Learning
Michael Fullan is the global director of leadership for New Pedagogies for Deep Learning. A former dean of the Ontario Institute of Studies in Education (OISE) of the University of Toronto, Fullan is the author of several books, including the forthcoming The Principal 2.0: Three Keys to Maximizing Impact (Jossey-Bass).

Peter DeWitt, Opinion Contributor, Education Week
A former K-5 public school principal turned author, presenter, and leadership coach, Peter DeWitt provides insights and advice for education leaders. He pens an opinion blog for Education Week, Finding Common Ground and is the host of A Seat at the Table.

  • Podcast: 40 Best Podcasts for Kids and Teens in Elementary, Middle, and High School Podcasts are a terrific way to learn something new, whether you’re at home, in the car, or in the classroom. They cover a wide variety of topics, so there’s something to interest pretty much everyone. These podcasts for kids and teens are sure to engage young listeners and start interesting conversations.
  • Book:  Amplify Student Voices: Equitable Practices to Build Confidence in the Classroom by AnnMarie Baines, Diana Medina, and Caitlin Healy

Learn how to cultivate student voices and facilitate equitable participation so that young people are prepared to speak up and lead when the moment calls for it.

In a world where public speaking often determines whose needs are addressed and whose values prevail, how can we create brave classroom spaces where young people can effectively express their thoughts and advocate for themselves and others?

In Amplify Student Voices, AnnMarie Baines, Diana Medina, and Caitlin Healy introduce Expression-Driven Teaching to show how centering youth voices and expression in the classroom meets both academic and social and emotional learning goals. The authors promote instruction in various forms of public speaking—storytelling, debate, poetry, presentation, and self-advocacy—as a way to pursue equity in education and counter the oppression that has long silenced the voices of marginalized groups.

This engaging book features extensive first-person accounts from young people who describe their journey toward effective public speaking and how it has helped them affirm their identity, confront life's many challenges, and pursue opportunities with increased confidence. Their insights also inform and supplement the authors' practical recommendations and how-tos for incorporating the various public speaking formats into everyday instruction at all grade levels and across subject areas.

Both informative and inspiring, Amplify Student Voices challenges traditional notions of “good” public speaking, broadens its definition, and demonstrates how to engage learners to create a world that is more inclusive and just.

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