Your Voice Matters

What Can You do?  
Link to Image of Proposed changes to Iowa AEA's and what will be lost.

  •  WHAT CAN YOU DO? Review the governor's 2024 education priorities
  • WHAT CAN YOU DO? Invite your legislators to the classrooms in your school. Let
    them experience the learning in action with your students. 
    This guide from SAI and Rural Schools of Iowa provides great tips on how to host your legislators.

  • WHAT CAN YOU DO? Invite your legislators to your preschool on February 2A Preschool Coalition of the lowa Association of Christian Schools, lowa Association of School Boards, lowa Catholic Conference and School Administrators of lowa is working together to invite as many legislators as possible to see high-quality preschool in action on Feb. 2, 2024.

  • WHAT CAN YOU DO?: Share your voice regarding education with your legislators - email, phone, text, letter.

More on the Advocacy Tab

Don't know your legislators or how to contact them? Let us help you find them: 

Find Your Legislator - Enter address, city, or zip code to find legislators serving that area. Call, text, e-mail, write, or visit them at the Capitol. Leave a message if you cannot talk with them.

Communication Tips and Reminders from ISEA/Iowa ASCD Director, Cindy Swanson.:

  • Please be respectful in your communications

  • Use a personal email address (not your work email)

  • Explain where you live, remind them you are their constituent

  • Get personal, share why this legislation affects your students and Iowa's children

Share this information with all of your friends, colleagues, board members, and family and encourage them to use it in contacting their legislators. Every Communication Counts!
Thank you for all you do to make Iowa the best place to live and learn - and keep our children safe.


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