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Featured in October, 2022

  • Podcast: "Three Actions New Leaders Should Consider in the First Month of School, and 1 Action They Should Avoid" by Peter DeWitt. He has been facilitating professional learning nationally, and internationally, based on the content of many of his best-selling educational books.
  • Blog: Grammar Girl!  Mignon Fogarty is the founder of the Quick and Dirty Tips network and creator of Grammar Girl, which has been named one of Writer's Digest's 101 best websites for writers multiple times. She is also an inductee in the Podcasting Hall of Fame.
  • Blog: Three Questions Parents Can Ask about Instructional Materials - Educator Jenni Aberli discusses three important questions parents can ask to know more about the quality of their children's materials.  (edreports blog)
  • Book: Questioning for Formative Feedback:  Meaningful Dialogue to Improve Learning by Jackie Acree Walsh. 
    • When used effectively, quality questions and student dialogue result in self-regulated learners and formative feedback that reveals progress toward learning goals.

      Learning knows no boundaries. The potential for learning exists whenever and wherever we interact with our environment. So how can we infuse school learning with the authenticity and excitement associated with real-life experiences?

      In Questioning for Formative Feedback, Jackie Acree Walsh explores the relationship between questioning and feedback in K–12 classrooms and how dialogue serves as the bridge connecting the two.

      A Study Guide is also available for this book!
  • Article:  "The Power of Doing Less" by Justin Reich.

Want real change in schools? Start by subtracting things.  Schools and educators are always trying to add new things—new strategies, new programs, new initiatives. But why don’t we ever think about the power of taking things away—of streamlining these programs and initiatives so that the best ones can thrive? The power of doing less means more time to do things better.


Featured in September, 2022

  • Podcast:  "The Eight Best Podcasts with Andy Hargreaves"   Andy Hargreaves is a speaker, author, advisor, and researcher who advocates for equitable and inclusive education, a strong teaching profession, and positive educational change worldwide.
  • Podcast:  Conversations with Michael Fullan.  Michael Fullan, O.C., is a worldwide authority on educational reform with a mandate of helping to achieve the moral purpose of all children learning.A former Dean of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) of the University of Toronto, Michael advises policymakers and local leaders around the world to provide leadership in education.
  • Blog:  Tackling Teacher Shortage by Developing Teacher Leaders  Dr. Joshua Barnett, Chief Executive Officer, NIET, shares addresses in this blog what administrators can do to assure every classroom is led by a qualified, well-prepared teacher.


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