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This site connects art teachers from around the world.

Access: Art Education 2.0


This is the state organization for teachers of the visual arts.

Access: Art Educators of Iowa

Art Room Videos shares teachers' and artists' videos on "how to" as well as interesting subjects for art.

Access: Art Room Videos

Artcyclopedia is a great resource for latest news in the visual arts as well as the opportunity to search by artist, artwork, and art museum.

Access: Artcyclopedia

Arts education has been on the decline in urban public schools for more than a generation. Since 2005, Wallace has been working with nonprofits and school districts to find out how they might engage more young people in high-quality arts learning during the school day and beyond.  

Access: Arts Education 

This is the world's largest kids' art museum.

Access: Artsonia

Cybrary Man's Website for Visual Arts as well as Art Education provide many resources for teachers of the visual arts and art education.

Access: Cybrary Man's Website for Visual Arts

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence has been replaced with EdSitement, teaching and learning resources from Federal agencies addressing architecture, drawing and prints, painting, photography, sculpture, and other visual arts.

Access: EdSitement

This site began as a showcase for elementary art in Indiana and has now now includes a diverse range of subject and topics for art educators, general education teachers, parents, students, parents, artists, and home schoolers the world over.

Access: The Incredible Art Department

The International Society of Education through the Arts (InSEA) provides newsletters, opportunities, advocacy techniques, research, networking, and a visual gallery.

Access: The International Society of Education through the Arts (InSEA)

Mini Matisse is a great blog by an art teacher who offers mini-lessons, including directions, examples, and video clips.  She even has Pinterest boards that provide additional examples.

Access: Mini Matisse

This site shares the national standards, lesson ideas, professional learning, and grants and scholarships.

Access: National Art Education Association

National Gallery of Art - Especially for Teachers provides lessons and resources in the arts.

Access:  National Gallery of Art - Especially for Teachers

Developed by the Consortium of National Arts Education Associations (under the guidance of the National Committee for Standards in the Arts), the National Standards for Arts Education is a document which outlines basic arts learning outcomes integral to the comprehensive K-12 education of every American student.

Access:  National Standards for the Visual Arts

Access:  PBS - Visual Arts

This is the site where teachers share with teachers learning opportunities from their classrooms.

Access:  Teacher Tube

Visual Arts Education from Wikipedia shares visual arts via approaches, countries, special education, current trends, and more.

Access:  Visual Arts Education

The Art Educators of Iowa (AEI) created this resource to aid educators in understanding and implementing the state's Universal Constructs.  Like 21st Century Skills, the Universal Constructs are integral to the teaching of Core content; and the Visual Arts are the perfect venue for the development of these skills and processes.

Unless otherwise noted, the available documents housed within the website have been created by the AEI Iowa Core Curriculum (ICC) Writing Team and are designed to instruct and guide teachers in implementing the Universal Constructs within the Visual Arts classroom. 

Access:  Visual Arts in the Iowa Core


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