World Languages

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This site provides the alignment of national standards for learning languages with the Common Core State Standards as well as resources for teachers.

Access: American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Language 

Check out this website from Cybrary Man with multiple offering for world languages.

Access: Cybrary Man's World Languages


This site provides information regarding n encyclopedic reference work cataloging all of the world’s 7,097 known living languages.

Access: Ethnologue, Languages of the World 

This site was shared by Stacey and her family, who have found this Iowa ASCD helpful.  Encuentra los animales is a printable Go Fish Spanish game to practice animals, places and verbs. Players look for animals in different “places” assigned to the people playing. It’s a low-stress, entertaining way to engage with language.

Access: Go Fish Spanish Animal Game

This matrix integrates Webb's Depth of Knowledge (DOK) with Bloom's Cognitive Process Dimensions.

Access:  Hess Cognitive Rigor Matrix - World Languages

This site offers tips for teaching foreign language.

Access: Iowa World Language Association  

Words are the building blocks of verbal communication, and having a good vocabulary is the foundation of learning Spanish or any foreign language. If you travel abroad, you don’t need to know how prepositions or verb conjugations work. Those skills can come later. You can start with a handful of basic Spanish words and phrases.

Access: Printable Spanish Flashcards

This chart provides both the indicative and subjective as well as present/past/future tenses.

Access: Spanish Verb Chart

This site provides French teachers with teaching tips, games, projects, and other tools.

Access: Teaching French

This site provides tips for teaching Spanish, including lesson plans, weekly web sites and other great links.

Access: Teaching Spanish  

You will find a wealth of information written and vetted by Spanish professors and instructors, including lesson plans, answer keys, and teaching tips.

Access: Teaching Spanish  

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The Iowa Department of Education provides guidelines for waivers and exemptions for foreign language.

Access: Waivers and Exemptions


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