Authentic Intellectual Work (AIW)

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Ar-We-Va Junior-Senior High School (Westside, IA). Our approach to professional development is aligned to the Iowa CORE standards and benchmarks and the Iowa CORE Characteristics of Effective Instruction and is based on the Iowa Professional Development Model (IPDM). The IPDM framework includes peer collaboration, researched-based instructional practices, modeling, observation, and personal accountability. The goal of the IPDM is to provide teachers with high-quality professional development that will positively affect student achievement. Our professional development goals and focus are determined by our data. Each spring, our staff analyzes our data from throughout the year and develops building goals aligned to our district goals. Our professional development is delivered on early-out days that occur twice a month and two full days throughout the year. Professional development initiatives are determined, planned, and delivered cooperatively by teachers and administrators. Given various student needs, constant policy changes, and multiple developments in pedagogy, we have made a conscious effort to avoid fragmented initiatives that result in shallow learning. We are committed to align efforts to a single focus for three to five years.

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