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"The Importance of Questioning in Developing Critical Thinking Skills" by Judith S. Napp

Access: The Importance of Questioning in Developing Critical Thinking Skills


Asking the right probing questions is key to getting the right answers. So take a look at some  effective questioning techniques.

Access: Practical Tips for Effective Questioning and Probing

Effective questioning sessions in classroom require advance preparation. While some instructors may be skilled in extemporaneous questioning, many find that such questions have phrasing problems, are not organized in a logical sequence, or do not require students to use the desired thinking skills.

Access: Questioning Strategies

MindTools offers techniques to ask open and closed questions.

Access: Questioning Techniques

TeacherTools offer questioning techniques based on Bloom's Taxonomy.

Access: Questioning Techniques

This guide provides the strengths and weaknesses of questions in the classroom. 

Access:  The Right Way to Ask Questions in the Classroom

Questions are an integral part of classroom life and essential to every teacher’s pedagogical repertoire. They are also one of the elements of effective formative assessment (Black et al., 2003). Questioning serves many purposes: it engages students in the learning process and provides opportunities for students to ask questions themselves. It challenges levels of thinking and informs whether students are ready to progress with their learning. Questions that probe for deeper meaning foster critical thinking skills and higher-order capabilities such as problem solving, and encourage the types of flexible learners and critical thinkers needed in the 21st century.

Access:  Skillful Questioning:  The Beating Heart of Good Pedagogy

A summary of the six types of Socratic questioning is provided as are sample questions.

Access: Socratic Questioning

Intel Teach provides information on uses of Socratic questioning in the classroom.

Access: Socratic Questioning

George Couros, the author of "The Innovator's Mindset," "Innovate Inside the Box," and "Because of a Teacher!" shares his insight on asking better questions.

Access:  Three Important Factors in Asking Better Questions


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