Depth of Knowledge (Webb, DOK)

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See Dr. Webb's information on DOK on Cybrary Man's website.

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The Iowa Core Standards for Literacy and Mathematics have been coded for cognitive complexity using Webb’s Depth of Knowledge (DOK) approach. The DOK describes the kind of work required by students to demonstrate their attainment of the standard. Webb’s DOK has four levels: DOK 1 = Recall, DOK 2 = Skills and Concepts, DOK 3 = Strategic Thinking, and DOK 4 = Extended Thinking. Detailed descriptions of each level are provided on the following pages.


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Metacognition: is the cognitive aspect of the self-regulated learning cycle, it refers to knowledge and awareness of thought processes and, in practice, involves the planning, monitoring, evaluating and regulating of thought-processes underpinning learning.


Critical Thinking: most definitions focus on the rational, sceptical, unbiased analysis, or evaluation of factual evidence.


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In the world of curriculum development and student assessment, there are many models that inform our work. Each model supports the design of relevant, engaging, and rigorous learning experiences. While Benjamin Bloom’s taxonomy has served as the “go to” framework since the 1950s, it’s Norman L. Webb's Depth of Knowledge system that has caught the attention of K-12 educators since the late 90s. His work continues to grow in popularity in higher education instruction as well.

This site also provides a video of Dr. Webb explaining Depth of Knowledge.

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